Putzmeister Japan - Sewage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants

Putzmeister offers everything that is needed for professional and, above all, complete solutions for delivery jobs in sewage treatment plants.

High density solids pumps are at the core of any Putzmeister plant.

Their main use is in the conveyance of mechanically dewatered sewage sludge as well as screenings and greases. Even materials with a dry content of up to 50 % can be pumped without a hitch.

With KOS type high density solids pumps, the S transfer tube gives the delivery cylinder plenty of space to draw in the material, so that an excellent job is done of moving even the driest of materials. To further increase effectiveness, Putzmeister high density solids pumps can be fitted with an auger feed device. This is fitted with large self-cleaning screw conveyors and supports optimum filling of the delivery cylinder. Silo technology with the ”sliding frame principle“ was specially developed for dewatered sewage sludge. The silo can carry up to several 100 cubic metres of sludge and, from there, deliver it reliably to the pump. Wherever they are used throughout the world – Putzmeister‘s sewage treatment systems can be relied on to do the job. In  particular at large plants, which make extreme demands requiring uninterrupted continuous peration, you can be sure that they can hold their own. When performing their most difficult work, Putzmeister solutions guarantee a maximum level of efficiency. An important point – especially for today‘s sewage treatment plant operators