Putzmeister Japan - Shotcrete machines

Experts in Sprayed Concrete

Sprayed concrete was used for the first time in 1914 and has been permanently developed and improved since then. The major breakthrough came with the development of the wet-spraying technique. Being a flexible, fast and economic construction method, it has replaced the traditional methods of lining tunnel profiles and become the most important tool in stabilising the excavations in tunnelling, underground construction and mines. One of the main reasons for this development is the technological progress in the field of concrete spraying equipment. The expertise which Putzmeister has acquired in the last 50 years has led to the development of world class tunnel and mining equipment, designed to meet today’s demanding technical circumstances.

Shotcrete Machines

for Tunnelling & Mining

Sika - PM 500, Sika - PM 4210
Sika - PM 5314, Sika - PM 702