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Cleaning Accessories

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Cleaning pig
These are especially suitable for stationary delivery lines for concrete and industrial pumps with large pipe elbows. These cleaning pigs are especially used when there is danger of material deposits.

Sponge cube
cost effective alternative to sponge ball
available in edge lengths of 200 - 250 mm for delivery-lines 100 - 200 mm diameter.

Sponge ball
used for suck and pressure cleaning of concrete lines.
available for all diameters from 25 - 250 mm.
especially used for tight delivery elbows (radius smaler than 175°)
best cleaning results.

Sponge pig
also used cleaning of concrete lines.
diameters from 25 - 250 mm. Songe pigs are a bit more expensive, but have highest cleaning results do to larger cleaning surface.

Sponge cylinder
-more effective cleaning due to higher contact surface (hub) inside of the pipe
-you need 2x sponge balls for same cleaning performance
-cylinder is a low-cost alternative to sponge pigcylinder

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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