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Mechanical Distributor RV 7

> RV-7 mounted on a support leg
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Mechanical distributors are particularly suitable for concrete placing where direct distribution with truck-mounted concrete pumps or stationary concrete booms come up against technical and economic limitations. The mechanical distributor RV 7 is a flexible and compact machine and because it is small and low-weight, it can be easily
transported. It is ideal in use

The 3.06 m x 0.42 m base area of the RV 7 means it can easily be transported even on larger truck-mounted concrete pumps, as long as this remains within the permissible weight load. It fits snugly into the 3m pipe bracket which is fitted to the support legs of many machines.

Technical Data
Concrete area 132 m²   
Reach 6,58 m   
Total Weight 890 kg   
Suitable for Slab/Wall/Column Yes/Yes/No   
Article number / Pipe diameter 455597  DN 125, 5.5" 
Technical Data

* Specifications subject to change without prior notice, no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information.


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