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Tunnel concrete pumps

Tunnelbetonanwendungen von Putzmeister
Putzmeister offers in tunnel concreting several machines and equipments. For example the SIKA-PM Series for shotcreting or special solutions like tunnel-snorkel distributors for filling of formworks.
 Tunnel concrete pumps
Tunnel-Snorkel Distributor TSV 2-4
Tunnel snorkel distributor TSV 2-4 >>
The Tunnel Snorkel Distributor TSV 2-4 is the smallest slewing distributor on scissor pipes
Tunnel-Snorkel Distributor TSV 3-6
Tunnel snorkel distributor TSV 3-6 >>
The Tunnel Snorkel Distributor TSV 3-6 is the intermediate slewing distributor on scissor pipes
Tunnel Snorkel Distributor 5-12
Tunnel snorkel distributor TSV 5-12 >>
The TSV 5-12 unit rides on rails set into the tunnel formwork
Jumbo Trough JT 5000
Jumbo Trough JT 5000 >>
Reservoir for intermediate concrete storage
Twistip >>
The twistip is clever Add-on to use a truck mounted concrete pump for tunnel formworks


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