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Mobile belt conveyor - Telebelt®

Telebelt (telescopic belt conveyor):  Conveying and distributing of gravel, sand, ground, substratum, not pumpable concrete and other solids with a truck mounted conveyor belt.

This system is been using for almost 20 years in the US and other countries around the globe.

  • Several applications

  • Telescopable sections

  • Several hoppers and accessories

  • For material up to 100 mm diameter

Telebelt TBS 600
Telebelt TBS 600 >>
Telebelt® TBS 130Semi-trailer Telescopic Belt Conveyor - Moving Forward with Greater Versatility
Telebelt TBS 130 >>
Telebelt® TB 200
Telebelt TB 200 >>
Telebelt® TB 110TB 110 is the perfect all-round machine for garden- and landscaping jobs, public works, track constructions as well as special applications. 
Telebelt TB 110 >>
Telebelt® TB 130TB 130 is the best solution for large construction sites where long reach and high volume output is required.
Telebelt TB 130 >>
Telebelt® TB 600
Telebelt TB 600 >>